Fee Structure of School & Date of Payment Due

Class Admission Fee (Only for New Students) Composite Fee
Playway 1500 1060
LKG 2000 1135
UKG 2000 1245
I 3000 1970
II to V 3000 2095
VI to VIII 3500 2390
IX to X 3500 3000
XI & XII SCIENCE (HINDI) 4000 3410
Physical Education 4000 3710
Informatics Practices 4000 3610
Physical Education 4000 3500
Informatics Practices 4000 3400

Previous Year Fees

  • Fee once deposited will not be refunded at any cost(Non Refundable) if the child withdraws after taking admission, then also the fee shall not be refundable.
  • Composite fee Includes - tution fee, computer Fee, exam Fee, Games, Arts and Craft, medical, Music, library

Realisation of Re-admission for non-payment of fees beyond the following due dates for Quarterly payment.

Quarter Due Dates without Re-admission Fee
April, May, June 15th May
July, Aug., Sept. 15th August
Oct., Nov., Dec. 15th November
Jan., Feb., March 15th February

  • Fees for the Quarter will be considered due for payment right from the 1st month of the Quarter.
  • A Re-admission fee of Rs. 100/- will be realized if the fee remains unpaid beyond 15th of the second month of the Quarter.
  • Parents are allowed to pay their fees on monthly basis as well.(without Re-admission upto 15th of the month , with Re-admission of Rs.100/- from 16th of the month.) Please deposit fees punctually before or on the due dates.
  • Re-admission Fee cannot be exempted on any ground.
  • Fee once deposited shall not be refunded on any ground what so ever.


A fee of Rs. 200/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate which will be issued 3 days after the written application is received from the parent. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the dues are paid.

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