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Modern education envisages dynamism for a holistic development of child's personality. It must enable a child to learn to leap and to lead. Science & Technology has revolutionized education today and given a new horizon of learning and scholarship. Gorakhpur Public School imbibes this dynamic spirit and provides opportunities to children to grow into a harmonious personality and become effective citizens of tomorrow.

The school is run by Krishna Kumari Chaudhary Memorial Educational Society established on 26th May, 1995. It a fulfillment of the dream of its founding father, Late Chaudhary Ram Lakhan Chandra and his wife, Late Krishna Kumari Chaudhary.

Late Chaudhary Ram Lakhan Chandra was an eminent educationist and a social worker par excellence. He headed several educational Societies and Trusts of Eastern U. P.

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Gorakhpur Public School
P.O. Bargoan, Gorakhpur-273016(UP)
Rani Bagh (Rustumpur Dhala)

Phone : 0551-2320332, +91-9598061809
E-Mail : contact@gorakhpurpublicschool.com


School buses are arranged from all important points of the city to school against payment of charges on no-profit-no-loss basis. The conveyance charges shall vary depending on the distance of the place of residence from the school.
To ensure total safety of children the buses have supervisors on board. The school have provided mobile in each bus. A first-aid box is also kept within reach, to attend to any emergency. GPS end-to-end bus service covers the entire length and breadth of Gorakhpur.

Extra Facilities

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