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Extra Curricular Activities

Besides achieving a high academic standard, we aim at the development of an all-around personality and character. As such we provide opportunities for the child through our elaborate co-curricular programmes to learn art, craft, music, dance, drama, elocution, debate, project work, club activities and kitchen gardening. House-wise competitions are arranged to instil in the children a sense of healthy competition and belongingness to uphold the image of their House.

We have a diversified four tier House system through which we conduct all our co-curricular programmes. At the time of joining school a student is allotted a particular House according to his aptitudes and interests on Talents Day. Our Houses are named as 1. ‘Lion House’, 2. ‘Leopard House’, 3. ‘Panther House’, 4. ‘Tiger House’, which inculcate in the children brave spirits of adventure, courage and fearlessness. Each House has its own colour and a motto. Lions enjoy yellow colour and their motto is “We are Mighty”; Leopards don blue colour and their motto is “Speed Up”. Similarly Panthers represent red colour and go by the motto “We’re Great” and Tigers are recognized by green colour and their motto is “Strength to Strength. The idea is to build self-confidence in children and prepare them to shoulder responsibilities in every walk of life. They enjoy complete freedom to manage their respective House activities with a spirit of cooperation, love and comradeship.

A calendar of activities is prepared at the commencement of the session and given to all students. It mirrors the multifarious activities of literary, cultural, social, sport oriented background. House activities areplanned on Saturdays in such a way that academic work is not allowed to suffer at all. Besides, we have a system of a zero period of 45 minutes duration on Saturday which is utilized for House meetings, planning and practice of different competitive activities scheduled for the week in our Calendar of Activities.

glimpse of our Calendar of activities will give you how exhaustive and multi dimensional our activities are which go a long way in preparing a ‘complete child’ and a perfect citizen of tomorrow with a personality of his own and a character which would be transparent and resist all evils with which the society suffers today. Our activities are: namely, Invocation & Prayer of all Religions, Literary competitions like Recitation, Calligraphy, Elocution and debate, Quiz competition, On-the-spot drawing & painting competition, Cultural competitions in music and dance, folk and popular, Plays in both Hindi and English; Kitchen gardening, Herbarium collection, Air Rifle Shooting, Horse-Riding, Philately and Coin collection hobby, Martial Arts Tae-kwon-do training, Clay-modeling, Cooking classes etc.

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